COVID-19 Business Strut Cards

These health advice strut cards are ideal when you have limited display opportunity and want to catch the eye of your staff or customers.   

Remind people of hand-washing, social distancing and your new business regulations by placing your strut cards on desks, in the canteen and shelves around the office.

Printed on PVC with a robust strut support attached to the rear, they are sturdy and easy to keep clean.  

Our strut cards come in two sizes A4 and A5.  A5 is a perfect size for desktops, while A4 is an ideal size for counters, reception areas and canteen tables.

You have two design options available for our COVID range:

  1. Semi Bespoke: Use our standard design and add your own brand logo, colour scheme and copy.
  2. Own Artwork: Upload your own artwork for print.

Please Note: If you choose the semi bespoke option, when you receive our email requesting artwork please upload :

  • Any change to text required in a word document
  • Brand logo (high resolution of 300 dpi tiff or png file).

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