Folded Leaflet Printing

Production: 1 working day.

Whether you are promoting a specific service, showcasing your chef's new menu or tempting new clients with a special offer, our folded leaflets are a great way to help you spread your message.  

When a flyer doesn't allow you the space to say everything you want to, our folded leaflets will enable you to use each fold to maximise space and get the word out. 

Folded leaflet printing styles

Our folded leaflets can be folded in the following ways from A3, A4 and A5 paper:


Folded in half, along the centre of the paper and contains 4 sides for print. 

Z fold

Folded into a Z shape, a little like an accordion. As the leaflet opens, you message unfolds in sequence. A Z folded leaflet most commonly contains 6 sides for print and is also known as a concertina leaflet.

Roll fold

Divided into three equal sections; left, middle and right, with the left and right sections folding over one another.  A roll fold is sometimes also called a letter fold. A roll folded leaflet most commonly contains 6 sides for print. 


Divided into three sections — the left and right section in combination measure as the same size as the middle section.  The left and right part fold in the middle and can be unfolded to reveal the brand and message within. A gate folded leaflet most commonly 6 sides for print. 

Paper stock & finish

Depending on your preference of paperweight, decide between 150gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm and 300gsm and 350gsm – all of which provide a high-quality printing base. 

Silk: A silk coated paper provides a smooth touch and a slight sheen. This coating helps coloured print stand out. 

Gloss: A gloss coated paper provides a shiny surface and exceptionally smooth touch. It helps to sharpen your branding visually.

Uncoated: An uncoated paper provides a softer touch, and as the ink is absorbed more than on a silk or gloss coated paper, the print itself has a smoother finish

All our folded leaflets are double-sided print and supplied creased and folded to your requirements.

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